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Welcome to CONNECT-TBI, the Collaborative Neuropathology Network Characterizing Outcomes of Traumatic Brain Injuries group.

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At CONNECT-TBI, we bring together 30 leading investigators from 13 institutions to generate unparalleled, comprehensive neuropathological and clinical data regarding the connection between traumatic brain injuries (TBI) and neurodegenerative disease.

With the collective expertise and harmonized databases that this international collaborative achieves, CONNECT-TBI creates new possibilities to characterize TBI related neurodegeneration (TReND) pathology, and understand the extent and distribution of TReND pathology required to produce neurological dysfunction, the spectrum of symptoms associated with  this pathology, and its relationship with wider neurodegenerative disease.

Using our decades-long collaboration to identify TBI mechanisms and understand how these early events initiate or contribute to progressive neuropathological changes, we are excited to convene this team with extensive intellectual and material resources to characterize important features of TReND that are already known to be found in multiple forms of TBI (e.g. single severe TBI, repetitive mild TBI).

Douglas H. Smith and William Stewart, CONNECT-TBI Principle Investigators

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