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Find Your Nearest Site For Brain Donation

(more locations soon)

If you, or a loved one, are interested in helping our research, you may consider brain donation. Signing up for tissue donation is one of the most significant ways to contribute to our ongoing effort to better understand traumatic brain injury.
You can read our frequently asked questions here.

You can also find resources for those living with a brain injury here.

We regularly facilitate donations from across the globe, so wherever you are based, please do get in touch either with one of the sites below, the NIH Neurobiobank (if you are not near one of our sites), or through and we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have:

Pennsylvania Brain Bank
(Pennsylvania Aging Center)


Phone: (+1)-215-662-4373


Glasgow Brain Injury Research Group


Phone: (+44)141 354 9445


Brain Injury Research Center of Mount Sinai


Phone: (+1)-212-241-5152


Keene Research Lab


Phone: (+1)206-897-6566




For service members


Phone: (+1)855-366-8824

The Brain Donation Awareness Program is a voluntarily registry for service members interested in brain donation while they are still living. It is open to anyone 18 and older, who has served in the military (Reserves, Active, Veteran), with or without traumatic brain injury, PTS, or any other co-existing disorders.


We are able transport brain tissue to our research sites across the globe, so just because you don't live close to one of the listed sites doesn't mean you cannot donate.

If there is no site near you in the list above, please contact the NIH Neurobiobank through their website or you can click here to go straight to their brain donor registration form